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Soils and foundations

April 26, 2012 Ilmiah Oleh Pustakawan
Judul Soils & Foundations : 6th Edition 

Cheng Liu & Jack B. Evett

Penerbit & Tahun Penerbitan

Pearson Education ;1981,1987,1992,                           1998,2001,2004



No Panggilan

TAT10.L545 2004

Bilangan ms 486

This introductory text/reference is a practical guide for soil mechanics

principles , with application to real-world foundation design situations. It is

presented in a clear, direct style with just enough mathematics to support

the design concepts. There are simple diagrams, charts, and illustrations

throughout to support the concepts.

New to this edition:

·        The material on drilled shafts (Chapter 11) has been revised significantly

to reflect the latest design methods


·        Several new illustrations have been added to enhance student comprehension

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